Thursday, March 14, 2013

HSF challenge #5 Peasants and Pioneers

Here's my latest effort: An 1837 day bodice made to match a preexisting skirt. Unfortunately I've been so busy working on another project that this is the only photo I have of it for the moment.

The Challenge: #5 Peasants and Pioneers
Fabric: Reproduction cotton print
Pattern: Drafted
Year: 1837
Notions: Thread and piping
How historically accurate is it? Not terribly. It's almost completely machine sewn
Hours to complete: 18
First worn:  Not for awhile
Total cost: Free. I raided my fabric stash.
Nothing much more to say about it. The next challenge is stripes and while I have grand visions of an afternoon bustle dress, it'll probably end up being something simpler.

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