Friday, April 26, 2013

HSF Challenge #9 Flora and Fauna or killing two birds with one stone.

I admit, this one was a happy coincidence. I found myself in need of a hat to wear with The Creamsicle Bustle Dress and voila! Flora and fauna!

The base is a shallow-crowned straw blank that came in a lot of hats that were gifted to me by a friend. It's trimmed with the same pleated ribbon as the creamsicle bustle dress, and adorned with flowers and a fake dove.

The original plan was to decorate the hat with a real dove or two. I was inspired by this scene from Disney's Fantasia:

But it unfortunately was not to be. You would not believe how hard it is to find taxidermied doves, (or really any kind of white bird) for a reasonable price, or at all. The closest I came was a pair of white parakeet wings from an Etsy seller in New Zealand and they wouldn't have arrived in time. With my choices being either to order the wings and attach them later, or buy a bb gun and go dove hunting, I bit the bullet and went to Stats where I found a serviceable fake. It'll have to do for now, but if I ever find a real one, I'm totally replacing it.

The pansies and the white flowers are from Gilding the Lily Vintage in Fullerton. The roses and the ribbon are from an estate sale.

And now, onto the particulars!

The Challenge: Flora and Fauna
Fabric: Um, nope
Pattern: Nada
Year: 1870-1875
Notions: Thread, ribbon, artificial flowers, artificial dove.
How historically accurate is it? More than fairly, all of the trim is sewn on by hand.
Hours to complete: 5
First worn: Will be worn with challenge #8 entry on the 28th
Total cost: $15
This is perhaps one of the girly-est things I've ever made, but I've had a lot of fun making it. Tune in next time for a challenge and a side project!

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