Thursday, May 23, 2013

Challenge #10: In which I fail on purpose, and a sneak peek at the cause.

So the literature challenge has come and gone, and I have no garment to show for it. Why? Well, the plain fact is that it took more time than I was expecting. Due to my mother's work schedule, I was unable to fit her until well into the first week and went through two different patterns before I could find one that would work. I did get the bodice fitted and sewn together and (if I pulled a few all-nighters) I'm relatively sure I could have finished it by the deadline. But I also had a side project, and I needed that much sooner than my mother needed her gown.
So the Hyacinth gown is officially on hold. Since my next challenge entry is a pair of under sleeves, I feel pretty confident in taking a week off to focus on my other dress:

This Sunday is the The Lanterman Summer Whites Picnic at the Lanterman Historic House in La Canada Flintridge. There isn't any set time period for this event, and since I don't wear much white, I found I was in need of a dress.

I've wanted to do a fifties dress for a while. I settled on Vintage Vogue Pattern 8789 and with a little modification, it suited my needs very well.

Here's the fabric. Doesn't it look like a china plate?

The bodice is already sewn together and all that remains is to pleat the skirt, hem the skirt and set in the zipper. Pictures soon!

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