Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HSF Challenge #15: White

It's been a week and change since Costume College now that I'm A) suffciently recovered  and B) no longer being ambushed by a victorian seaside picnic (another story for another post) I find that I finally have enough brain power to post about my white challenge entry:

This 1880's overskirt (and it's matching bodice) was made to wear with the previous challenge to the Time Travelers' Gala. It's made of a white chiffon sari with gold sequined embroidery. It went together with a minimum of fuss and I'd say it turned out pretty well.

And here is the full outfit in action. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of it.

The Challenge: White
Fabric:  Embroidered chiffon sari
Pattern:  Truly Victorian
Year:   Latter half of the 1880's
Notions:  Thread
How historically accurate is it?  Machine sewn
Hours to complete: Umm... I wasn't really keeping count
First worn:  August 3rd 2013
Total cost: $20

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