Sunday, February 16, 2014

HSF '14 challenge #3: Pink or, chasing the blues away

I adore the color pink, it's right up there with stripes on my list of favorite things to wear. So when this challenge was announced, I was thrilled! 
The skirt is made of a lovely coral pink silk with a sky blue weft. I'm afraid the photos don't do it justice, as I was shooting at night, and with rather poor lighting makes it look almost orange.

Here's the original. Nearly a year ago, I'd made an 1850's ballgown out of vivid blue silk inspired by one of the dresses in the Eugenie Project. But when I'd finished it, I found the color combo didn't suit me much at all, and so the Blue Eugenie became the Pink Eugenie. 

The trim around the top flounce is from Gilding the Lily in Fullerton and the lace is from Cheep Trims.

  • Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

The Challenge:  Pink
Fabric:  Silk Dupioni
Pattern:  Nope
Year:  1855
Notions:  Thread, Lace
How historically accurate is it?  The lace is synthetic
Hours to complete:  20
First worn:  Not yet
Total cost: Raided my fabric stash, so free.

I probably won't make anything for challenge #4 as I will be venturing into the great northern wilds of Washington State to visit my sister. 

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