Monday, April 7, 2014

HSF '13 #7: A Not-Quite-Easter Bonnet.

Well, spring has sprung, Mr. G has survived the opening weekend of Faire, and this fortnight's theme is Tops and Toes, a challenge after my own heart! Not only did I get to make a tall hat to go with my later 1880's gear, but I actually have construction pictures!

I found this old straw hat in the garage and separated the crown from the brim, leaving a little lip so that the modified crown could be sewn back on. 

I made a base for the new crown out of sinamay and started unraveling the crown. After ripping a few rows off it, I left the brim in a sink full of hot water for an hour or two.

While the brim was soaking, I sewed the braid of the crown to the sinamay base. I then reattached the brim, and pinned it into shape overnight. Add some ribbon and flowers, and voila! Instant hat!

  • Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

The Challenge: Tops and Toes
Fabric: Um, sinamay?
Pattern: Nope
Year: 1880's
Notions: Thread, ribbon, and flowers
How historically accurate is it? Completely hand sewn
Hours to complete: About a day and a half
First worn: Not yet
Total cost: Free


  1. I love the brim shape! I couldn't get mine to do that lovely scoop and flip (technical terms) ;p

  2. The trick is to pin the brim up while it's still wet, and let it dry completely before unpinning it :)