Monday, June 2, 2014

The little black dress of the romantic era, or HSF challenge #10: Art

For this fortnight's challenge (Art) I wanted something that a) was simple, b) would work for several different occasions, and c) was made from material from my fabric stash. And happily, I managed to do all three. 
I decided to sew something I've seen in a fair amount of romantic era portraiture: The diaphanous white dress. 
Usually gathered, usually sheer, this particular style of gown can be dressed up or down with accessories and works for almost all of the romantic era.

My version is made of the same sheer silk as my mother's day cap ( I bought a lot of it and I've been working my way through it.) and it's lined with ribbed cotton organdy.

Inside the bodice

                                    The outside of the bodice just before the sleeves went on

                                                             The skirt before gathering

                                         What the stripes look like in front of  a solid color

                                                           A sleeve before assembly

                                                            And Esca, helpful as ever...

  • Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

The Challenge: Art
Fabric: Striped silk and ribbed cotton organdy
Pattern: Self drafted
Year: 1830's
Notions: Thread
How historically accurate is it? Machine and hand sewn
Hours to complete: Wasn't really keeping track
First worn: Not yet
Total cost:  Free

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  1. Such a beautiful creation. You have a new follower. :)