Friday, October 17, 2014

HSF Challenge #19: Inspiration

Another fortnight, another challenge! After seeing this lovely pair of under-sleeves by The dreamstress, I was inspired to make a pair for the Bright Copper Penny Dress.

The material for these sleeves started out it's life as part of a set of curtains found at the goodwill. They were originally going to be a dress, but one of the panels decided to shred in the middle while it was in the wash. The fabric's a wee bit sheer on it's own, so I lined it with some cotton voile I had lying around.
             I like this fabric so much that I just might make a chemisette out of the leftovers.
                                          And here's what they look like with the sleeves:

Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

The Challenge: Inspiration
The challenge you were inspired by: The dreamstress' engageantes
Fabric: Embroidered cotton and voile
Pattern:  Nope
Year: 1850's-60's
Notions: Thread, hooks and eyes
How historically accurate is it? Machine and hand sewn
Hours to complete: 3
First worn: Not yet, probably to Dickens Fair
Total cost: $2


  1. So cute! How do they stay up? Do you pin them to the top outer sleeve?

    1. I'm planning on adding drawstrings to the top.