Monday, May 1, 2017

HSM 2017 Challenge # 4: Circles, Squares and Rectangles

April's challenge is Circles, Squares and Rectangles and so my entry is a straight paneled wool skirt! I meant to finish it before Faire started, but some last-minute commission work (and an unexpected maid's uniform) pushed it to the back of the queue.
I purchased the wool from a vendor at Old Fort MacArthur days in San Pedro and there was just enough material for one piece of clothing. The skirt is two rectangles sewn together at the selvages and pleated to a waistband with a finished hem.

The photos don't do the color justice. In real life, it's bright, nearly electric blue with flecks of purple.  It's extremely lightweight too, nearly handkerchief weight!

I faced the hem with Bias tape made from cotton duck canvas. It gives the fabric a little protection from the ground and helps to keep the hem from tangling around my ankles.

And finally, I decided to sew on lacing rings to give me a little flexibility on days when I'm not feeling 100%.

  • Historical Sew Monthly 2017

The Challenge: Circles, Squares and Rectangles
Material: Bright blue wool
Pattern: Um, no.
Year: Multi-era, but currently being worn in 1572
Notions: Thread, brass lacing rings and cotton duck bias tape
How historically accurate is it?  Machine sewn
Hours to complete: 80
First worn: April 29th
Total cost: $0

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