Friday, June 30, 2017

Dressing an Apollo's Knot: HSM 2017 Challenge #6: Metallics

I love historical hairstyles. Which is a shame, because my hair is of the super thin and fine variety that will only cooperate if a gallon of Lottabody is involved. It's especially difficult to do 1830's hairstyles because even if I had the long hair to do an Apollo's knot, I just wouldn't have enough of it. Fortunately, I learned to make my own hairpieces!

This month's entry is an ornament for my Apollo's Knot hairpiece. The bow is sheer wired ribbon and I made the center piece out of wheat sheaves that I painted gold and faux pearls.

Here's the hairpiece:

                                               And here's the ornament on the hairpiece:

  • Historical Sew Monthly 2017

The Challenge: Metallics
Material: Wheat ears and pearls
Pattern: No
Year: 1830's
Notions: Thread, Wire and gold paint
How historically accurate is it? No clue
Hours to complete: 5
First worn: Not yet
Total cost: $0

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