Sunday, August 12, 2012

New blog of the brand spankin' variety!

Hi everybody, and welcome to my new journal! It is I, the Ginger Minion; Costumer, babysitter, and nerd wrangler extraordinaire! Since blogger refuses to transfer anything from my old account, I will leave it up for anyone to peruse: Ginger Lily on LJ

I will mostly be using this journal to chronicle and/or bitch about the costumes I make. The majority of the stuff I'm making right now is Romantic Era and Victorian, although you will see a few Elizabethan  (probably not until next Faire season starts, as I'm pretty fed up with the 16th century right now,)17th century (the theme of next year's costume college,) and a few retro 40's and 50's dresses in future. I am also making my first foray into the world of millinery! I have made two bonnets so far, with varying degrees of success, and hope to make more. 

For those of you who do not wish to click the link, here are photos of some of my costumes made for past events:

And there you have it! Next post: Costume College postmortem

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