Saturday, January 19, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge, or: Emily takes a dare...

Once in a blue moon I will find myself with nothing to sew. My current project has been shelved for the next couple months so I found myself with an unexpected chunk of free time. Now, when I don't have a project, I tend to get twitchy and I often end up surfing the web. In my ramblings on the internet, I came across the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge, set up by the lovely and talented Dreamstress.

The facts, basically, are these: One year, a challenge every fortnight, and at the end of it, 26 fabulous historical (meaning pre-1938) garments. Each challenge has a theme and are posted 7 in advance so you have plenty of time to plot and plan. Being the sucker/maniac/glutton for punishment that I am, I looked at this challenge and immediately said "Sign me up!" 
Of course, in my case, it'll be more like 24 fabulous historical garments since I came to this challenge a little late. But I figure it will be a good way to keep me on track for all the events I have to sew for.

Which brings me to the first challenge I will be participating in: HSF Challenge #2: UFO!
"Use this challenge to get something off your UFO pile, Finish off something that’s never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through, start a project you've always meant to do but never had the excuse for, or create a UFO that you’ll finish in another challenge."
My only problem is, I don't have a UFO pile. I usually make things as I need them and not much else. But then it dawned on me: "Hey, don't you have that 2-1/2 yard piece of pre-quilted fabric that you bought because you liked the pattern?"
And so I present to you, dear readers, my offering for the UFO challenge: An 1830's-40's quilted petticoat!

As is readily apparent to anyone who knows me, I am a stripe fiend. And that is what possessed me to buy this on sale a long time ago at a JoAnn's far far away.
The hem is four inches deep with three extra rows of quilting, which I've found gives just the right amount of volume. The waist has a drawstring, which is completely period correct, but I really put it in because I will be getting a new corset very soon and didn't want to make a waistband that I would then have to readjust. All in all, I think it came out pretty well. Sorry about the picture quality. It seems that whenever I need to take photos, I find myself alone in the house with no one to take them.

The Challenge: UFO
Fabric:  Batting quilted between two layers of cotton. And no, it's not that alarmingly red.
Pattern:'s a skirt. Made a tube. Hemmed the top and bottom.
Year  I'll cover my bases by saying 1835-1849. 
NotionsThread, Pins, Cotton Twill Tape
How historically accurate is it? Pretty accurate, shape-wise. Construction-wise? I used a sewing machine.
Hours to complete: 3-4? I dunno, I wasn't keeping track
First worn:  Not yet, except to try on, but it's first planned wearing is the 26th.
Total cost:  Hmm... I bought the fabric a good long while ago... I think I paid all of 10 bucks for it.

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